Applying for game art jobs but not getting hired?

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If your struggling to get your game art to match industry standards try our mentoring with top industry professionals.


Online Courses

We offer a series of beginners courses to learn the core skills of a game artist.
Free 3D Character & Z-Brush Workflow PDF


Free Beginners 2D Game Art Fundamentals

*Note: Students must be living in Finland
We have partnered with Metropolia University & Edugametion in Finland to offer you a free online

2d Game Art Course (5 credits)
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Get a free PDF guide on how to target your game art and get hired. Includes tips from artists at Rovio, Supercell and Redlynx.

Game Art Co.

Game Art Co. is a collective of game artists and
art directors based in Helsinki, Finland. We specialise in training artists online for the mobile and console games industry. Our combined games experience spans over thirty years and we have worked on over 70 published game titles from mobile to PC and console. 


We will save you time and effort with clear focused feedback, so your game art portfolio matches exactly what hiring art directors want to see. We have a wide range of mentors in both mobile & console from companies such as Rovio, Remedy, Housemarque and CD Projekt Red among others.

Students Work From Our Portfolio Course

Course instructed by Game Art Co. & Class Creatives


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