2D Background Design

Course Overview

Focusing on fast vector techniques in Photoshop you will create a unique looking style for a 2d platform running game.
Skills you must have already: Basic drawing ability, experience with Photoshop and simple understanding of Unity

The vector techniques covered are simple and effective to give maximum impact in a short amount of time. Using Photoshop smart objects is a key concept of the course a technique commonly used by professional game artists.

Split into two sections first you get familiar with the vector tools and thumbnail process. Then we jump into a mini project called the Golden Antelope inspired by Indonesian folklore. You’ll see the whole process take shape from thumbnails to finished image.


Students Work

From 2D Background Design

3D Studio Max Foundation

Course Overview

In this course to make efficient use of time we focus on the core tools that are more useful for a beginner
to utilise. Making learning less daunting and faster so you can practice the essential techniques right away.

Starting with creating and modifying basic primitive shapes, you will then cover in more detail:

Customising The UI: Setting up the user interface and applying materials to 3d objects
Slate Material Editor: Applying colours to your 3D models
Edit Poly Modifier: How to extrude, bevel, cut, connect, chamfer, bridge, inset and weld your models
FFD modifier: Bend, Twist and deform 3D shapes 
Splines: Create more curved geometry and lathe a vase shape

Practice exercises are included to keep you challenged and inspired and your can show work in progress,
finished work and ask questions for professional feedback.  

Please Note: We do not go through UVW unwrapping in 3Ds max and texturing in Photoshop
during this course.

Part: 2 Modelling A Diorama: Cottage In The Woods

For this section we have picked a wooden house in the woods a perfect place to put your new modelling 
skills to the test. Here you can follow the tutorial or adapt it and create your own cartoon scene.

In this section we will cover:

  • Blocking out the main forms of the house

  • Modelling details such as the roof and windows utilising splines and edit poly

  • How to stylise the 3D scene

  • Applying colourful cartoon style materials

  • Setting up the main camera

  • Rendering your finished polished scene

This course is perfect for game art beginners or those wanting to learn the foundations of 3d modelling 
in a fun and effective way with professional guidance! Being familiar with the basic Viewports and navigation
is needed before starting the course. (these videos are all contained within 3ds max)


Break Into The Games Industry

Course Overview

Coming soon a new course where we cover how to construct your portfolio and target it for the games industry. We will give you an insights of what hiring art directors will want to see from applicants portfolios. We will cover multiple artist roles in a three step guide:

1. Learning the Skills
2. Constructing your Portfolio
3. Targeting Companies.

This course is a collaboration with a company that has experience at major game studios in the U.S


Animation Workout

Course Overview

If you have never animated in 2D before but always wanted to try or just want to polish your skills, this course is a great way to learn the foundational principles in a fast and fun way. If you ever wondered how or why an animation goes from passable to professional to perfect then this is the course for you. Understanding these basics will give you the skills to make fun and eye catching animation using nothing more than a single line.

This course is designed so you take one step at a time starting with spacing and easing then later moving on to the principles of drag and overlap. The final task will be hand drawing the legs of a walk cycle. The software used is Flash (now called Animate CC) but you can adapt these principles to any 2D animation software. The advantage with this animation workout is that it does not require drawing skills, if you can draw a line you can start animating straight away!


"A must buy for any Game Developer who is looking into creating their own graphics for their 2D games. "

Tibi Elias

"Graphics are so great looking that I immediately started to create my own backgrounds with vector technique."

Moona Miettinen
Freelance Designer

"So far it has helped me to grow as an artist with new ideas and techniques that had not previously tried."

René Martínez

"Perfect course! Everything is clear and interesting! "

Tetiana Shakhlieievych

"Great useful information presented in such a simple and digestible way!"

Aaron Porter
Graphic Artist/Illustrator

"It is incredible this course! Very clear of what is needed to be done in order to become an better drawer!"

Rodrigo Long Chen
Software Engineer

"Very informative and engrossing"

Peter Le Page

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of each week you will get an assignment to complete.
The following week you will receive a video critique from a professional game artist that
is assigned to the course.

All courses run for 4 weeks except Animation Workout which runs for 2 weeks. 

You get direct access to send messages to your instructor.

For all courses you receive an additional 4 weeks of free access after the course has finished.

All our course are priced at 299e + VAT or $330 USD. This includes all course video critiques from a games industry professional.


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