A series of Game Art Co. interviews with game artists, designers, programmers, producers, entrepreneurs in the Finnish games industry.


New Podcast Episodes 2022

Episode 1: Break into Game Art with Kshiraj Telang

We Interview Art Director Kshiraj Telang - King, Rovio & Moon Active. We follow Kshiraj's journey as a game artist and what essential ingredients he looks for in a portfolio.

Episode 2: Break Into Game Art with Charlotta Tiuri

We interview Charlotta Tiuri the Art Director of Frozenbyte. Charlotta specializes in both 3D Character and environment art and has worked on Trine 3 & 4, Nine Parchments & Shadwen.

Episode 3: Break Into Game Art with AngryMikko

In this podcast Nick Sweetman meets Mikko Eerola (aka AngryMikko) a freelance digital artist, with 10 years experience as a concept artist in the games company Housemarque in Finland. Mikko's game credits include classic games such as Outland & Resogun.

Episode 4: Break Into the Art Industry with Yo__Qwick

Nick Sweetman interviews 2D Character Designer Alfred Achiampong (aka Yo__Qwick) on how to stand out as a freelancer when targeting your work at the entertainment industry. Alfred's clients include the concept art studio Mooncolony, 9B collective, Supercell & Suncreature. *Video thumbnail character by Alfred Achiampong.

Episode 5: Break Into Game Art with Sergei Panin

In this podcast Nick Sweetman interviews Sergei Panin a 3d environment artist currently working at Remedy entertainment. We discuss the essential contents of a successful portfolio. Sergei's latest releases include Remedy's Crossfire and he is now working on the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2.


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